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Concussions are common after head injuries such as those you may suffer in an auto collision. Particularly in a whiplash injury from rear end collision, the head flexes and extends from the force of the impact. This leads to shaking of the brain against the bones of the skull. Compression of the brain as it shakes back and forth in the skull can affect memory and mental performance for a significant time after a collision.

Some signs and symptoms of brain trauma and injury may present at the time of an auto collision. Loss of consciousness is a clear sign of trauma to the brain. However, in many concussions consciousness is not fully lost, and a patient may instead be much shaken and have difficulty assessing the situation or determining what to do. Often, patients report sitting in their vehicle for some time after a collision before realizing they need to exit and exchange information.

Memory difficulty is common with concussions as well. You may have difficulty recalling detailedinformation you are normally very familiar with such as your phone number or address. Forgetting where you placed items such as your keys or phone is common as well.


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