Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are a common occurrence in a variety of settings such as in sport and at work. Uneven surfaces and quick changes of direction can induce these types of injuries. Often times they occur because the muscles that cross the joint are too weak for the forces acting upon the joint. When the muscles are too weak the only structure remaining to support the joint are inelastic ligaments. It's important to remember the P.R.I.C.E acronym when dealing with the acute stages of the healing process.

The healing process can be helped by encouraging normal range of motion of the joint and reducing pain caused by inflammation. A chiropractor can perform gentle manipulation of the joint to encourage this motion. Gentle soft tissue massage of the region can help with lymphatic drainage and reduce muscle tension.

The final stage of dealing with ankle injury is promoting strength in the region to avoid re-injury. Your chiropractor can recommend a series of ankle strengthening exercises to strengthen the fine musculature in the lower leg. Strengthening exercises will gradually increase in intensity as pain decreases. Balance exercises will be promoted during the last stages.

Consult your Chiropractor whenever you have an injury like this. Your doctor can tailor a personal treatment plan in order to reduce your pain, build strength, and prevent recurrence.