Anterior Head Carriage and Deep Neck Flexor Strengthening

Anterior head carriage is a common finding in postural screening. This occurs when the deep neck flexors are weak and cannot maintain proper head position.  Anterior head carriage is very common in motor vehicle accidents that involve being rear collided by another car. The force involved with rear-end collision place extreme stress on the anterior neck musculature.  When these anterior neck muscles are damaged they become weak.

Your chiropractic physician may recommend a course of strengthening exercises to strengthen the anterior neck musculature. These are commonly referred to as chin retraction exercises. This typically won't be recommended until the repair and remodeling phase of the healing process.

This exercise can be done in many positions. The basic movement involves tucking your chin and gently gliding your head backwards without bending your head forward or backward. If done properly there should be a gentle "flexing" feeling on the front of the neck. This movement can be repeated throughout the day in order to strengthen the muscles and promote proper head position with relation to the body.

Before performing these exercises, it is recommended that you visit a chiropractic clinic to receive treatment for your auto injury.  A Chiropractor would determine if these exercises are right for your particular case.