Back Braces

When dealing with a back injury from work or motor vehicle accident, it is common practice to provide a patient with a back brace/support to use temporarily.  During the initial treatment phases, the brace can help provide structure and prevent painful movement of the injured area.

Once your back pain has decreased, it is important to wean yourself from using a brace.  The focus for support should change from external support (brace) to internal support (muscle).  Your chiropractic physician will provide a specifically tailored core strengthening exercise routine to help provide natural bracing for your injured back.  This routine will help to strengthen the deepest abdominal musculature and will help provide support for the back without the use of a brace.

Prolonged use of a back brace may cause some atrophy (weakening) of the muscles that are designed to support your back.  When these muscles are weakened, the person may become dependent on the back brace to prevent pain.

The use of a back brace will vary depending on the severity and nature of your condition.  A chiropractor can help guide your proper use of a supportive brace.