Bruggers Postural Relief Preventing Common Work Injury

Postural strain is a very common cause of neck and upper back discomfort that plagues the work force. Many people get into the habit of holding their head forward and hunching forward while sitting or working in front of a computer or at a desk for extended period of time. Maintaining this position for too long can lead to a phenomenon referred to as "frozen shoulder" or "Creep." Creep is when muscles ligaments and discs are placed in a fixed position and adapt to this new posture. This can cause muscle imbalance when body position quickly moved from its fixed position.

Pectoral muscles become short and tight, deep neck flexors become weak, lower traps become weak, posterior neck muscles become tight. This postural strain can be prevented with Brugger's postural relief position.

To practice good desk ergonomics, begin in a seated position with your feet flat on the ground. Sit up straight and gently roll your shoulders back (stretching pectoral muscles). Hold your palms face up resting in your lap. Try to draw your shoulder blades towards the middle and down towards your lower back (strengthen lower trapezius muscles). Looking straight forward gently retract your chin towards your neck (strengthen deep neck flexors, stretch posterior neck muscles). Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat as necessary throughout the work day.  

Chiropractors are trained in recognizing poor posture and have various methods for resolving muscle imbalance. Contact our chiropractor in Beaverton / Aloha, OR or SE Portland, OR for more information on what passive and active care is right for your condition.

See a video on "frozen shoulder."