Cell Phones Tablets and Posture

Smart phones and tablets have become part of our everyday life, often replacing laptops and computers.  Although they provide convenience, they bring with them new problems.  The worst problem is texting while driving.  This habit contributes to many cases of automobile accidents and injuries.  Another problem includes strain and overuse of muscles in the arms, neck, and back. 

Many people tilt their heads down and hold their phone supported in their lap.  When resting the chin on the chest for prolonged periods, the ligaments of the neck stretch and the normal neck curve flattens out.   This position also causes the low back to flex resulting in similar ligament stretching and muscle tightening in the back.    

In this position, the shoulders roll forward and the muscles in the front of the chest including the pectorals contract and tighten.  Over time, this can lead to the shoulders hunching forward with other activities including walking and sitting.  This can produce headaches and increased wear on the joints of the neck.

Some things that you can do to limit strain from cell phone and tablet use include taking frequent breaks, using a stand for your phone, keeping your phone at eye level, and being mindful of your posture.

Tightness, pain, and joint restriction associated with improper cell phone and tablet use responds well to chiropractic treatment.  See a chiropractor at a chiropractic clinic if you have symptoms from improper cell phone and tablet use.