Cold Laser or Low Level Laser Therapy

Cold laser or low level laser therapy are therapies that use laser light to provide a variety of health benefits.  Though this modality has been available for some time, it has recently been gaining more attention.  

Cold lasers typically use infrared light or red laser light. This is in contrast to other light therapies which may use the same wavelength of light, but are not coherent or directional the way a laser is.  This allows for deeper penetration of laser light compared to standard light therapies.

Many cold lasers use pulsed light.  This allows the laser to apply more intense power with reduced heat, resulting in deeper laser penetration and effect while maintaining safety.  Some devices use combinations of light wavelengths as well as lasers and LEDs to achieve a combination of desired effects.

Cold lasers help decrease inflammation, increase metabolism, and improved healing.  This has the effect of decreasing pain and reducing healing time.  

Some use cases are for acute pain, chronic pain, post-surgical wound healing, and joint pain.  Studies have shown cold laser therapy increase wound healing speed compared to those that were not treated with cold laser.

Cold laser is one of many modalities utilized by Chiropractors.  Contact your Chiropractor if you are suffering from muscle and joint pain.