Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy uses a low level laser on an injured area and is thought to help increase healing and speed the recovery process.  During a motor vehicle collision, forces acting upon the body can lead to tears of ligaments and bones (sprains and strains).  Low level lasers can be used to speed the healing process for patients with acute soft tissue pain, following an auto accident.

Laser therapy aids in wound and soft tissue healing.  It can also aid in decreasing pain in the injured region.  Low level light therapy can be effectively used in bony regions without the risk of burning the bone.

This therapy should not be used near the eyes (protective eyewear is typically recommended for patient and physician).  The use of this modality should avoid malignancies and should never be performed over a hemorrhagic area.  Cold laser should avoid the gravid uterus, anterior neck and areas with decreased sensation.

Low level light therapy has been shown to be an effective means for relieving pain.  This method lacks the evidence to suggest that it positively affects function of the injured area.  This indicates that it is most effective during the acute stage of the healing process.  If you have an auto injury, work injury or sports injury, cold laser therapy may be an effective means to deal with your pain.  Speak with your chiropractor about this therapy as an option for treating acute pain.