Common Causes of Low Back Pain Facet and Disc

Low back pain is a common problem that can occur with work or following an auto collision.  There are common patterns of low back pain that can present depending on the areas that are injured.  Two common areas of injury in the low back include the disc and the facets.

The facets are joints of the vertebrae behind the larger disc joint of the spine that support and guide movement of the spine.  Pain that comes from the facet can have a very sharp sensation.  Facets can produce a referred pain sensation away from the injured area of the low back, usually into the gluteal region and sometimes the back of the leg.  Pain with injured facet joints is usually made worse when leaning back or turning, and often feels better and sometimes produce a stretching sensation when leaning forward. 

The discs of the back carry most of the weight of your body.  When the disc of the back is injured pain typically increases when bending forward.  Conversely, extending your back often decreases pain from an injured disc and sometimes produces a stretching sensation.  Injured discs can bulge and press on a nerve causing pain or numbness in the areas supplied by that nerve.

Low back pain can cause significant disruption to your life and ability to work, but many cases of low back pain respond well to Chiropractic care.  There are also things that you can do to help prevent it.  Contact your Chiropractor if you are suffering from low back pain.