Continued Healing from Post Injury and Post Pain

Soft tissue injuries can take quite a while to fully heal with time varying depending on severity as well as the tissues injured.  More significant soft tissue injuries such as those sustained in an auto collision can take much longer to fully heal. 

Stretching and exercise help improve healing and reduce symptoms after soft tissue injuries. 

While symptoms such as pain, soreness, and tightness are uncomfortable and a more prominent aspect of an injury, the healing process is still ongoing after these symptoms have improved.  

This remodeling phase of healing can continue for months or even years after an injury.  During remodeling, soft tissue fibers are being rearranged based on forces from motion and activity placed on them.  Exercise and stretching help promote the proper alignment of tissue fibers.  Well aligned fibers promote functional range of motion.  Fibers that are poorly aligned or are too short can restrict motion. 

Increased strain placed on tissue fibers from exercise within levels the tissue can handle promotes the tissue to remodel in a way that builds strength.

Tightness, stiffness, and restricted range of motion that develop while healing from an injury can eventually lead to chronic symptoms or contribute to future injuries.  Chronic pain can develop while healing and stall complete recovery.

Chiropractic care is effective for treatment of tightness and joint restriction that can occur during
the healing process.  Our Chiropractors specialize in treating auto and work injuries and will be able to prescribe and instruct appropriate exercises and stretches that will aid healing and help prevent restriction.  Contact our Chiropractic office in Portland, or Beaverton, OR if you are recovering from an injury.