Dynamic Stretching

As people of Portland, OR begin to see more sunshine in Spring, they become more active with outdoor sport and activities.  Dynamic stretching can be an effective approach to preparing muscles for physical activities. You use the momentum of particular movements to help decrease muscle tightness and improve the range of motion in the joints. It can be a useful to engage the joints and muscles in similar patterns that they will be used for the upcoming physical activity.

For example, it can be beneficial to dynamically stretch the hamstrings by swinging the leg forward if you are preparing to run or jog.

A swimmer may swing their arms in large circles in order to achieve more flexibility in their rotator cuff and lattissimus dorsi muscles. This can also help promote more range of motion in the shoulder joint.

A light warm up can be useful before performing any sort of stretching. Warm muscles that have been engaged in physical activity recently respond better to the stretching.

For more information regarding stretching methods, speak to your Chiropractor. A chiropractic physician can help determine if this is an appropriate stretching technique for you.