Facet Syndrome

"Facet syndrome" or "Meniscoid entrapment" is a relatively common problem that can severely limit your neck mobility and activities of daily living.  This can occur in many scenarios ranging from auto accident injury to sleeping in a position that puts strain on the neck joints.

Each vertebra is connected to the next by 2 joints known as facet joints. Facet joints are connected with ligament connective tissue and lubricated by fluid known as "synovial fluid." Occasionally it is possible that these facet joints can pinch a part of the connective tissue surrounding the joint. This is known as "meniscoid entrapment" or "Facet Syndrome."

Someone may experience intense sharp neck pain that severely limits their neck mobility because of the pain.  If the cause is from a sleeping position, you should try a pillow that keeps your cervical (neck) spine in neutral alignment to support and maintain neck natural curve.  This pain typically can be recreated by positioning the neck in a way that approximates the joint surfaces of the facet joints.  Consult a chiropractor at a chiropractic clinic in your town for an exam, diagnosis and treatment of facet syndrome.