Front Shoulder Pain

Pain in the front of the shoulder (anterior shoulder pain) is a common problem many people have.  One muscle that may contribute is the supraspinatus, which is located on the top of the shoulder.  The supraspinatus contributes to movements including raising the arm. With overuse, the muscle may become tight and the tendon may become inflamed.  As we age, changes to a bone nearby the supraspinatus tendon called the acromion can cause it to place pressure on the supraspinatus tendon, increasing wear on the tendon as it moves.  This wear and pressure can result in a cycle where inflammation and swelling of the tendon cause it to rub more. 

Eventually, it may become painful to raise the arm.  In this case, Chiropractic treatment may help to reduce pressure on the supraspinatus tendon and stop the cycle of inflammation.

A stretch that can help the shoulder when the supraspinatus tendon is painful involves holding a small weight 5-10 lbs in the problem arm and relaxing.  Let the weight pull your arm to the ground.  This pulling force increases space for the supraspinatus tendon to move and may help decrease irritating pressure on the tendon.

A chiropractor can show you the muscle work and exercises, and perform manipulation to help increase the space for the supraspinatus tendon to move and decrease pressure.  Visit a chiropractic clinic in your town today.