Ginger is a popular ingredient in many dishes that has many positive health effects.  Research indicates that ginger is very effective in controlling nausea and aiding digestion.  Ginger in higher doses reduces the symptoms of indigestion.  It can help reduced acid reflux, bloating, stomach aches, and burping.

Some studies suggest that ginger holds anti-inflammatory properties.  People that take proper doses of ginger report less muscle soreness after exercise and this helps reduce recovery time.  Arthritic symptoms in the joints can also be reduced with ginger added to the diet.  Ginger has also been proven to be an effective in the treatment of nausea.

Ginger can be consumed in a variety of ways. Some choose drink ginger tea by steeping fresh ginger root in hot water.  Ginger can be taken in capsule form to receive the health benefits.  This is typically dried ginger root powder in a capsule.  Ginger can interact negatively with certain types of prescription medications.  People with Diabetes, Hypertension and bleeding disorders should consult their nutritionist or a wellness chiropractic physician before incorporating ginger in their diet.