Iliotibial Band

The iliotibial band (IT band) is a connective tissue that runs on the outside of the thigh from the gluteus (buttock muscles) down to the outside of the knee. When stress is placed on this tissue it is common for connective tissue adhesions to form. This is very common in runners and athletes whose sport requires high intensity running, jumping and repetitive leg movements. It is also common to see this occur following a traumatic motor vehicle collision. People involved in car accidents are often attempting to hit the brakes forcefully to avoid a collision. This force can cause injury to the leg muscles and imbalance that can lead to IT band dysfunction.

The adhesions can be very painful and cause an imbalance of leg musculature. Management of this issue involves passive and active modalities.  Chiropractic joint manipulation can be used to correct normal range of motion in the joints. Deep therapeutic massage is also important to break up the adhesions in the connective tissue. Prevention is also an important part of managing this issue. Using a foam roller at home can help to reduce adhesions. Stretching and strengthening exercises will also be prescribed in order to prevent aggravation of progression of the condition.

Your chiropractic physician will prescribe passive and active modalities to deal with pain associated with this condition.