Improving Sleep Quality

Sleep is an important part of the recovery process.  Much of the healing and regeneration your body does occurs best when we get enough good sleep.  This goes for diseases such as the common cold, as well as injuries including car accidents.  Unfortunately, pain associated with motor vehicle injuries can make it difficult to sleep and can impact your recovery. 

Often sleep can be disrupted or made difficult by pain in the neck and back.  Specialized cervical pillows have contours that fit the correct curves of the neck.  These cervical pillows provide good support, making it easier to sleep for people with neck pain from whiplash injury.

Topical analgesics containing menthol can help decrease pain and make it more comfortable when lying down to sleep.

It is important to avoid activities that can increase your alertness before bed.  Higher levels of blue light can increase alertness making it difficult to sleep.  Additionally, avoid stimulants such as caffeine and B vitamins before bed.  

Some supplements can help you sleep more easily.  Chamomile tea helps to calm and aid in sleep.  Magnesium helps with energy metabolism and can aid sleep especially if taken before bed. 

Contact your Chiropractor if you are having difficulty sleeping after an auto accident or injury.