Knee and Hip Pain After Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are a common occurrence whether simply from twisting your ankle, or as a result of an auto collision, work injury, or sport injury.  While you would expect that your ankle will hurt after a sprain, you may be surprised to find that pain can spread, and you may feel pain and tightness travel to locations further up the leg, or even to the other leg that was not injured.  This can happen due to compensation to protect your injured ankle, as well as increased strain placed on other joints when your ankle is not functioning correctly.

Stiffness and restricted movement of the ankle joint as well as malposition of the bones can increase stress on the knee and hip.  Uneven pressure can be placed on the knee leading to discomfort and pain. 

The opposite hip and leg may carry much of the weight when guarding an injured ankle.  This strain can lead to muscle soreness and pain.  This is often visible when someone walks with a limp, guarding the injury.

Exercises and stretches are an important part of treating ankle sprains as well as resulting complications that may occur in the knees and hips.  Common ankle exercises include range of motion ABC movements as well as heel lift exercises.  Ankle exercises should be done in the appropriate stage of healing to prevent aggravation. 

Contact our Portland, OR or Aloha / Beaverton, OR chiropractic clinic if you are suffering from an injury to your ankle.  After an examination, our Chiropractor will determine which exercises and stretches are appropriate for you.