Knee Pain

There are a variety of causes for knee pain.   Prolonged walking from work or other activities, joint dysfunction, leg length inequality, and muscle imbalance are examples of what may contribute to knee pain. Frequently, the muscles on the lateral side of the knees are excessively tight and overworking, which pulls the patella (knee cap or knee pan) to the side, increasing wear & tear.  Combined with tightness in the hip & pelvis, this can lead to achiness and pain in the knees.

Band exercises can help improve activation of leg muscles and improve movement of the patella. For a lying hip extension exercise, lie down, bend your knee to your chest and place your foot on the band.  Carefully extend your leg, and then carefully bring it back into a flexed position.

For a terminal knee extension exercise, attach the band to a support at about knee height.  Loop the band around the back of your upper leg, just above the knee.  Let the band pull your leg forward about 1-2 inches, flexing your knee.  Then, gently stand up on your leg, stretching the band against resistance. Avoid placing the band in the posterior (rear) bend of the knee.

Your Chiropractor will be able to tailor a treatment plan for you including adjustment as well as specific exercises to improve muscle activation and balance.  For information about relieving knee pain without surgery, check out this video clip.