Leg Pain When Driving

Driving can be hard on your body in a variety of ways.  One of the issues with driving many of us encounter is right lower leg pain when driving in stop & go traffic that is aggravated when frequently using the gas and brake.  One of the muscles that is frequently overused when driving are the peroneal & tibial muscles on the outside of the lower leg.  The peroneal longus & brevis muscles flex the foot downwards as well as evert the foot.  With the frequent use in stop & go traffic, the peroneals tire out and become tight over time.  If severe enough, pain and numbness in the lower leg can occur as well as much quicker fatigue when driving. 

The tibialis anterior muscle does the opposite of the peroneals, and flexes and inverts the foot up as well as invert the foot.  Holding your foot up in stop & go traffic for prolonged periods will fatigue this muscle. 

Massage, stretching, and manual therapy are good ways of improving tightness in the lower leg associated with driving.  Using the cruise control when driving conditions permit will allow your leg to rest.  Pain and tightness in the lower leg associated with driving may become severe enough to be a safety hazard, thus increasing risk of an automobile accident.   Contact your Chiropractor if you have pain in your leg when driving.