Leg Stretches

Low back injuries are very common in automobile accidents, sports injuries, and work injuries. During the repair and remodeling phases it is important to stretch and strengthen the appropriate muscle groups.

When dealing with low back pain it is easy to overlook the importance of leg musculature on the dynamics of the pelvis and low back. Maintaining proper pelvis position is important because it changes the position of the low back normal curve. While stretching the low back is a good idea, we cannot overlook the leg muscles.

The hamstrings and gluteal group attach to the back portion of the pelvis and can pull the pelvis into backwards tilt. This tilting of the pelvis can straighten the normal lumbar curve. This can cause pain and stretching of potentially injured ligaments between the vertebrae.

The quadriceps group attaches to the front portion of the pelvis and can pull the pelvis into a forward tilt. This tilting of the pelvis can accentuate the normal lumbar curve. When the lumbar curve is increased this brings the joints together between each vertebral segment. People often times experience this as achiness or pinching sensations in the low back. Watch this video to learn how stretching the lower back and hip can increase flexibility.

Each person will experience an injury differently and will require a specific set of exercises in order to address their condition. Consult your chiropractic physician regarding appropriate home exercises and stretching routines. Your chiropractor will be able to assess your posture and determine which muscle groups need to be stretched or strengthened. Read this article about exercises that would increase core strength to help with low back pain.