Low Back Pain and Core Strength

Low back pain can be caused by a number of mechanisms, from a car accident to work injury, but often is linked to weak abdominal musculature. Once pain is controlled during the acute stage of the healing process it is wise to move into active rehabilitation.

During the rehabilitation phase of the treatment regimen, your chiropractic physician will assign core muscle strengthening exercises. Adherence to their recommendations for sets and reps is very important. Core strengthening is a key tool used to help prevent recurrences of low back pain. Specific exercises are designed to strengthen the transverse abdominis musculature (this is the deepest of the abdominal muscle layers). If we build strength in the core we alleviate unnecessary stress on the low back. Patients that focus on core strengthening tend to have higher endurance for prolonged sustained postures.  Watch the videos on stretching and ball exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Speak with your Chiropractor if you have been experiencing low back pain. Your Doctor can help alleviate your pain during the acute stage and develop a plan for active rehabilitation and strengthening for your core muscles.