Medication Overuse Headaches

Many people turn to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication to deal with pain from automobile and work accidents and all sorts of painful issues.  A relatively unknown consequence of long-term medication use is a headache type called a "Rebound headache", or "Medication overuse headache.”  If a person relies on medication to deal with pain for too long, the medication can actually cause this type of headache.

The body becomes reliant on the medication to balance the pain and when people reduce the amount that they take, they can actually experience headaches from withdrawal.  Common symptoms of this type of headache are unrelenting pain, worsening of headache following cessation of medication.

Only a qualified physician can determine if this is a possible explanation for unrelenting headache pain.  A chiropractor can diagnose where the headache is coming from and provide alternative, non-evasive, drug-free methods to treat pain.  

Consult a chiropractic physician if you think you may be suffering from this type of headache.  They will be able to determine the type of headache you are experiencing and help tailor a personal solution for your condition.