Moving Children In and Out of Cars

Moving children in and out of cars can be very difficult on your back due to the weight as well as space constraints.  It is easy to injure yourself over time when lifting and moving children repeatedly.  

It is important to avoid bending your back as well as stooping when lifting and moving children.  Squat down on one knee when lifting rather than bending at your back.  Bending your back forward when lifting places increased force on the discs of your back. 

It is important to keep your arms near your body when holding children, as holding your child with your arms away from your body places increased pressure on your back due to leverage.

Avoid lifting and turning when holding children.  Turning and lifting places increased force on your back.

Abdominal bracing can help support your back and prevent injury when lifting heavy children. The core muscles that are activated with abdominal bracing increase stiffness in the joints of the back and prevent excessive movement.  To perform abdominal bracing, slightly flex your stomach muscles so that your abdomen is firm, but you can still breathe comfortably. 

Contact your Chiropractor if you have back pain or tightness when moving children in and out of vehicles.