Pelvis Hip and Leg Pain

Many people experience pain in their pelvis, hips, and legs after auto accidents.  Force from an impact can be transferred into the feet and through the legs during an impact, especially when bracing.  Additionally, force from the body can be transferred through the hip into the leg as an occupant is thrown forward in an auto collision.  This can lead to strains of hip and leg muscles as well as sprains in the hip, knee, ankle, and foot

Pain can increase over time as inflammation progresses.  Additionally, pain may increase in the less injured side as the injured limb is guarded.  An example is walking with a limp, where you try to avoid using an injured leg to prevent increase of pain.  Over time, you may notice increased tightness and symptoms in the unaffected leg, as it is carrying more weight than normal for a prolonged period.  

Compression of nerves can lead to tingling or weakness in the leg.  This may occur in the back or in the leg itself.  Tight muscles in the leg may produce tingling or referred pain into the area as well.

Contact a Chiropractor at our chiropractic clinic in Aloha / Beaverton, OR or Portland, OR if you are suffering from hip or leg pain, or any other pain following a car accident.  Our doctors specialize in treating auto injuries and will be able to design an appropriate treatment plan for your condition.