Phones Tablets and Thumbs

In addition to producing tightness in the neck and back, over use of smart phone and tablet use can produce tightness in the arms, hands, and thumbs.  Using your thumbs to text and index finger to point and click can lead to chronic wear and arthritis later in life.  The thumbs are particularly vulnerable to this since they are used for many other tasks during the day.  There are some things you can do to reduce strain on your hands and thumbs when using smart phones and tablets.

You can use a stylus to reduce strain on your fingers.  Type gently when using your fingers or thumbs and don’t grip the phone or tablet too tightly.  Maintain a good posture.  When watching videos use a stand and keep the tablet or phone at  a good height and angle for easy viewing instead of holding the device or placing it in your lap.  

Take frequent breaks from holding your phone or tablet.  During your breaks you can give your hands and arms a quick stretch and massage to prevent build-up of tension.  The palms of the hands are an important spot to stretch.

Contact your Chiropractor if you have been experiencing problems with your arms or hands related to smart phone or tablet use.