Shin Splints Lower Leg Pain

Shin splints are common sport injury many people experience at some point in their lives.  This is a very broad term used to indicate lower leg pain that is brought on by exercise such as running.  This pain is typically caused by repetitive impact, overtraining, improper warm-up and stretching, or by muscle imbalance.  The muscle located in this area is called Tibialis Anterior, and when this muscle is strained it can be considered "Shin splints."  Pain is typically felt on the front/outside of the lower leg, and pain is usually reduced with rest.

The first intervention when this condition is diagnosed is to Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate (PRICE) the region.  A chiropractic physician can recommend braces or use lower leg/foot taping to help protect the area during the acute inflammatory phase of the healing process. Manipulation of the foot and massage of the muscles can be useful interventions as well.

Prevention is a key part of dealing with this condition. It is important to gradually increase exercise over time in order to avoid overtraining. Running on a soft surface and avoiding concrete can help prevent this.

Consult a chiropractor about proper diagnosis of this condition and ideas about how to prevent recurrence of this pain in the future.