Snow Shoveling

When performing this task in the winter, it is important to not only maintain proper body position and technique, but also to know your own limits.  Often time people think they are more capable of performing this task without issue, only to find out that they have injured themselves.

* If someone has a known heart condition or previously existing injury, it is important that they avoid this type of exertion.

Repeated heavy lifting can place immense pressure on the upper back, shoulders and lower back if proper technique is not used.  Before you begin this task it is important to warm up and stretch your muscles.  Lift using the muscles in your legs while maintaining slight contraction in your core muscles. Avoid twisting your torso (central part of body) when tossing snow to the side. It is advisable that you work in short stretches of time and give yourself time to recover before resuming this task.  It is ok to ask for help when needed.

If you have injured yourself shoveling snow, consult your chiropractor for treatment and/or tips for avoiding this type of injury in the future.