Standing Desk Options

Standing desks are getting noticed and becoming more popular due to their many healthChiropractor Care Portland, Or benefits. Some of the benefits of standing vs sitting include decreased risk of back pain, improved overall health, decreased weight, and improved muscle function. Standing desks are especially helpful after accidents and injuries that affect the back. 

There are a variety of standing desks available. Full sized desks can come with manual lift or fully motorized lift. Fully motorized versions are more convenient, especially if you need to change desk heights or need to change from standing to sitting or the reverse. 

The height of a manual standing desk is changed and adjusted by hand. Often this is done by a hand crank. This can be difficult for those that are suffering from back pain and looking to a standing desk as a solution. Some manually adjusted standing desks are not easy or practical to adjust once setup, and can really only be used in the standing position.

Treadmill desks are another option that is available. Treadmill desk setups combine a standing desk with a treadmill. These allow for standing or walking while working, and are good for increase daily exercise.

A big benefit of a dedicated standing desk is that it raises the entire work area. Often multiple computer monitors are used in the workplace, and full-size standing desks can better accommodate these, conveniently bringing all work items to their respective standing or sitting height.  A smaller standing desk converter may not allow full use of all monitors at a workstation in either the standing or sitting position. If monitors allow for sufficient height adjustment, the height may need to be changed each time you switch positions when using a standing desk converter.

These smaller standing desk converters are a good option when refitting an existing workplace. They are typically lower priced when compared to a full standing desk. The standing desk converters sit on top of an existing desk with some mounted for stability. Sizes vary in range from being able to fit a laptop and mouse, to being able to accommodate full size monitors. Standing desk converters come in both manual adjustment and motorized versions. With their smaller size, manually adjustable standing desk converters are easier to handle than a manually controlled full sized standing desk.

Some of the smaller standing desk converters can be moved and used in a portable role. This is helpful when working from home as you can use tables and counters that would otherwise be difficult on the body, such as a kitchen counter.

Chiropractor Care Aloha, ORThe sitting position places increased strain on the ligaments of the back.   The sitting position also tends to allow the head and shoulders to roll forward.  Along with placing strain on the neck and back, having the head and shoulders forward contracts and shortens the pectoral muscles and weakens the back extensors and shoulder retractors.

This is especially problematic after an auto accident, where many ligaments and joints in the neck and back are injured. Frequent prolonged stress on these injured ligaments and joints can make healing difficult and lead to chronic pain.

The healthier standing position allows for a more ergonomic and relaxed position for typing and using a computer mouse. While care still needs to be taken in positioning monitors, keyboards, and mice, the standing position allows for much more natural and relaxed access to these devices. 

There are many factors involved in selection and proper adjustment of standing desks and workstations. Your Chiropractor will be able to assess your posture and working environment and help determine steps to take to improve your work ergonomics. Contact your Chiropractor if you have been injured in an auto accident or are looking to improve your work ergonomics.