Stress Symptoms Relief

One of the keys to healthy living is balancing the periods of stress to time for relaxation. Without having enough time for relaxation between stresses may cause physical and behavioral symptoms as follows:

Physical: fatigue, headache, backache, muscle spasm, chest pain, numbness, sleeplessness, stroke, heart attacks, indigestion, sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalances  . . .

Behavioral: depression, anxiety, irritability, negative attitude, concentration difficulty, difficulty controlling anger, compulsive eating, drug/alcohol/family abuse, increase in smoking . . .

Tips for Relieving Stress:

A. Exercise – Make time to do combination of exercises.  If time is limited, do stretching.

B. Relaxation – Take a break and relax to take your mind off from what is causing stress.

C. Meditation – Close your eyes, breathe slowly, visualize and concentrate your thoughts upon a place or object that makes you feel happy and peaceful. Your whole attention should be pointed at this place or object you have chosen to concentrate upon.

D. Deep breathing – slowly inhale through your nose as your abdomen expand outward fully.  As you slowly breathe out from your mouth, visualize that stress is leaving your body.  Repeat several times.

E. Self-talk – Think and say something positive to yourself.

F. Talk it out – Talk about your stress with someone who is a good listener.

G. Laugh – Do, read, or watch something that will make you laugh.

H. Massage – Get a massage for your shoulder, neck and scalp.

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