Therapeutic Ultrasound

When someone is injured following a traumatic motor vehicle collision or workplace accident, they often present at an urgent care center or Chiropractic office with swelling, soreness, stiffness and tightness in the injured area.  These symptoms are typical in the acute stage of the healing process.  Therapeutic ultrasound is a modality that can be used by providers to help speed healing.  Therapeutic ultrasound can be an effective tool to help speed the recovery from injury.  Ultrasound aids in tissue healing, pain reduction, increases circulation, and provides heat to deeper layers of an injured area.

The direct method of ultrasound application involves using a water-based gel medium on the skin through which the ultrasound is transmitted.  This gel increases the efficiency of ultrasound transmission from the applicator to the desired area.

Our therapeutic ultrasound machines support a variety of application intensities and modes, including pulsed and continuous.  Depending on the intensity and pulsing mode, ultrasound therapy can be effective for both acute and chronic stages of the healing process.  Ultrasound therapy has been proven to be effective for a variety of injuries including soft tissue injury, tendinitis, bursitis, scar tissue, pain, and muscle spasms.  Ultrasound therapy is also effective for treatment of joint injuries, ligament injuries, disc injuries, and associated pain and inflammation that is common after auto collisions.

While ultrasound therapy is effective for a variety of conditions, there are situations where ultrasound therapy may not be recommended.  Ultrasound therapy is not recommended for application to certain regions of the body or for people who have specific health problems that may be complicated by the application of ultrasound.  Provide your Chiropractor with a complete and accurate past health history to ensure that ultrasound therapy is a good fit for you.

Speak with a chiropractic physician at Accident & Wellness Chiropractic today to discuss whether ultrasound therapy would be an effective treatment option for your condition.