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Dealing with Acute Injuries Using PRICE

The acronym P.R.I.C.E. is often prescribed to help people deal with their ailments during the acute inflammatory phase caused by sport, work, auto injuries, etc. The goals of this approach are to control inflammation and decrease pain.

P- Protect- Use a brace or use caution when performing activities of daily living

R- Rest- Prevents aggravation of an acute injury

I- Ice- Helps control inflammation and decrease pain sensation

C- Compress- Helps reduce swelling by facilitating lymphatic drainage

E- Elevate- Helps reduce swelling by facilitating lymphatic drainage towards the core

Whenever an acute injury occurs, it is important to seek attention from a chiropractor or other medical professional in order to determine the severity of the injury. Proper attention will provide the best and most effective approach to dealing with an injury.

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