Drop Table

There are a variety of techniques that a chiropractor can use in order to perform adjustments.  A drop table is a quick and low force way to perform an adjustment.

A drop table is a type of adjusting surface that lifts up and drops when pressure is applied through the treatment area.  This allows for a lighter adjustment of an injured region.

A drop table would be a good option for a person with acute injuries that cannot get into possibly aggravating positions.  If a person presents to a chiropractor with acute injuries following a car accident, it can be beneficial to provide this type of intervention during the first session.  Patient's often hardly feel the adjusting force, but see the benefits of the adjustment afterwards.  Many manual-style manipulations require that the patient move their bodies into specific positions, but this can cause more aggravation, especially during the acute inflammatory stage of the healing process.

Drop tables can be useful in adjusting many different regions of the body.  Extremity joint adjusting using a drop table is a quick and low force way to provide normal range of motion in smaller joints.  The adjustment can provide a quick stretch of muscles and connective tissue that can help restore normal function.

If you want to know more about adjusting techniques and which would work best for you, speak with your Chiropractic physician.