Wallet in Your Back Pocket

Many people keep their wallets in their back pocket out of convenience and a habit.  However, this can lead to problems throughout your back.  The area over your back pocket is where a portion of the pelvic bone called your ischial tuberosity is.  When you sit with your wallet in your back pocket when driving or at home, it raises your pelvis and places pressure on the ischial tuberosity, pushing that side of your pelvis into flexion as well as placing pressure on your low back. 

As the hip socket is located on the lower side end of the pelvis, movement of the pelvic bones can affect the length of your legs.  Repetitive and prolonged pressure from an object such as your wallet can cause the pelvis and the low back to become uneven with the ground.  This can lead to low back pain and altered gait when walking. 

The position of your wallet in your back pocket is also just over your sciatic nerve.  Pressure can irritate the sciatic nerve and cause pain or tingling down the back of the leg.  To prevent this problem, keep your wallet inside your front pocket instead.

Visit a chiropractor if you have pain or muscle tightness in your back.  Chiropractic treatment along with prescribed home exercises and stretching can help your condition.